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Tom Hanks’ Random Acts of Kindness

Ashley Hoffman I Oct 20, 2016

Tom Hanks returns to Saturday Night Live to host the show for the ninth time this week. In honor of this fine occasion, it’s time to remember his well-documented random acts of kindness to total strangers.

Whether it’s helping wherever help is needed, or making someone’s day, month or whole existence, the good news continues to drop out of the sky. That’s just how the Inferno actor’s particular brand of benevolence manifests itself.

Here, take a victory lap through five random acts of kindness of Tom Hanks.

He took selfies with a bride and groom

This year, during a routine workout in the park in 2016, he participated in a wedding photo shoot, kissed the bride’s hand and wished the happy couple well.

He said so many great things in just one minute, including but in no way limited to these four:

1. To the bride: “Hi I’m Tom Hanks! You are very beautiful.”

2. To the happy couple: “Ryan you’re a lucky man, Elizabeth you’ve done well for yourself.” He even helpfully offered his services as an ordained minister “if the guy cancels, just let me know.”

3. To the flower girl and ring bearer who had no idea what all the fuss was about and decided to stay out of it: “This is the wedding in a few years, right?”

4. To everyone: “Way to go!” Read More

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